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HAY is for HOOVES … I’ll Say it Again

Wow.   It appears that last week’s blog on really frosted the cake. So many views; so many comments. AWESOME! Even the two readers who refuted what was being said…



  Did you know that restricting forage (hay) is the MOST stressful thing you can do to your horse? And, as such, to his hooves? Read more here:


An Herbal Garden for Your Horse!

Thinking about planning an herbal garden for your horse or for your family, yourself?  Here are some great tips!!!  

14 Drugs That Can Be Replaced By Tumeric

14 Drugs that can be replaced by Turmeric USE FOR HORSES:  Anti-inflammatory (fights body-wide inflammation), Analgesic, Fever Reducer, Supports Joint and Muscle Health, helps with IR, Increases focus ability, boost…


Imagine you were a horse … YOUR horse How would you feel? Do you get to be a horse? Do you get to live outdoors? Do you get to eat…

You asked for it!

                  OK .. Ask and ye shall receive! Here ya go !!The link to register is:


  Beet Pulp Warning!! Here is some important information on an old mainstay…beet pulp! “Doing some interesting research on sugar beets right now. The bottom line is do not feed…

The Principles of Natural Healing

The Principles of Natural Healing as noted in “The Nature of Animal Healing” by Dr. Marty Goldstein Disease is an absence of health, and vice versa: health is an absence…


Homeopathic Lyme Remedies

The treatment Lyme is a complex disease to treat. This is when we wish we had a magic bullet, but there isn’t one. The best approach is a multi-systemic one,…



There are so many hoofcare blogs and websites ‘out there’ now, all different, all proclaiming to be THE RIGHT WAY that things can get VERY confusing, VERY quickly, even for…

Acupressure and Emotional Healing

    Did you know that acupressure can help with emotional issues as well? It certainly seemed to help in this elderly rescue horse’s case. Read Lillie’s story here.

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On “Tying Up” in Horses …

On “Tying Up” in Horses — “Certain herbs including Curcumin, Boswellia and even Ashwaghanda may prove of unique benefit to these horses as not only do these herbs posses the…


Signs of Magnesium Deficiency in your Horse

  “Some common signs of magnesium deficiency may include: * Nervous, anxious temperament * Sudden shying at familiar objects * Violent pulling-back when tied * Dislike of grooming * Aggression…


FEEDS – quick look

“The following information outlines the type of feeds that have resulted in improved hoof function and temperament for many horses.  Whilst low sugar and starch is always advisable, other less well-known factors…


Curcumin in TURMERIC Found More Effective Than Phenylbutazone

Curcumin reduces acute pain and inflammation better than NSAID phenylbutazone (5)The anti-inflammatory activity of curcumin was evaluated in a group of patients who underwent surgery or suffered from trauma. A…


Herbal Oils & Salves

Herbs and oils have been used forever. And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according…



Every time I see a post somewhere about a  horse with Cushings or EMS or IR and on some prescribed pharmaceutical I cringe and so wish I could just jump…


Herbal Anti-Inflammatories

3 Herbs that fight inflammation and pain. Easily added into the horse’s diet: (and your own!) 1. Burdock Root One of the best things for joint pain is to increase…



    WHAT IS PENZANCE BODY WORKS? Just click on the photo … go ahead, I dare ya!


Winter Hoof Care

Winter Hoof Care Derek Poupard, CJF Winter is an ideal time to pull your horse’s shoes if the animal is not being ridden extensively. If you live in an area…