The Horse … Welcoming you!


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Are you facing challenges with your horse?

Do you often wonder if you’re doing the right thing with your horse?

Do you want to make a move to more natural horsekeeping and teaching?

Then you’ve come to the right place and we welcome you!

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For almost 50 years Gwenyth Santagate has been living with horses — all ages, all breeds, all disciplines, all sizes, temperaments and types. Santagate has ‘been there, done that’ and offers horse owners and equestrians, from around the globe, sage advice and encouragement to overcome the challenges with their horses in a non-forceful, gentle manner. From Equine Behavior to Natural Hoofcare and Stable Management, Natural Equine Nutrition and Healthcare — Gwen’s signature training has been labeled as a ‘gift’ to thousands.

A summary for the Rehoboth Breed Expo sums this all up nicely –

Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate has become world renowned in the world of good horsemanship. Gwen teaches and shares, speaks and trains daily. Her studies with and of such Masters as Mark Rashid, John Lyons, Tom Dorrance, Pat Parelli, Linda Tellington Jones and others who became ‘natural horse-world names’ with the internet explosion have sprinkled her own methods of horsemanship with spice and flavor that bring life and harmony to the horse and human relationship. Her pioneering teachings of Clicker Training and Natural Hoofcare have helped to set a precedence in the world of horses today.

If you have a particular question or are facing a challenge with your horse with which you need help, you may contact Gwen by email: or even by phone: 508-476-1317. Please be sure to visit her website here: for even more insight, articles, courses offered, services and reading enjoyment. 

Again, welcome!  Enjoy browsing … and most of all, enjoy your day!


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