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For 50 years I’ve been living with horses. I love them all. They have been part of my blood since I was a youngster.Most of all they’ve been my best teachers and my best friends over the years.

I am pleased to be able to offer you my experience and professional education in the expert capacity of Applied Equine Behaviorist, Hoofcare and Pathologies, Equine Relationship Development, Horse Husbandry and more.

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rearhoofsm Hoofcare – “difficult’ rehabilitation and remediation. I will work with you, your vet and your farrier. Laminitis, White line Disease, Unnamed gait and performance issues, Founder, Thrush and more.


Applied Equine Behaviorist – helping to start youngsters, retraining older horses, treating PTSD and Phobic issues, most of all – establishing a true partnership based on mutual respect and trust. I won’t do the ‘training’ for you but will teach YOU how to teach your horse and work with both of you as a winning team!

IMGA0101 Health, Diet Solutions – For Horses and Hooves
New Horse? Sick Horse? Metabolic Horse? – How to care for your horse in a manner that will suit BOTH you and your horse for optimal results using whole, healing foods and herbs plus Homeopathy when indicated “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” ~Hippocrates


Alternative & Complementary
Health Solutions
– Homeopathy, Herbs, Bodyworks utilizing non-Invasive Massage, Low Level Acupunture, Electric Acupuncture, Acupressure, Trigger Point Releases and Intuitive  Energy Healing.


Camp program development, Leadership & Equine Assisted Personal Development Workshops, Clinics, Lesson Programs, Homeschool Programs, Goal Setting …
and more.

My background includes studies with and of some of the world masters of riding, horsemanship and equine behaviorists and stewards. I’ve also been blessed to have received excellent education from leading veterinarians in the capacity of Vet Tech for large and small animals, Surgical Assistant and Mgr. for small animals, Equine Vet Tech and Surgical Asst. as well as human medicine and care.

My articles have been published around the world in leading Equine Publications and Newsletters and continue to bring insight and enlightenment to equine enthusiasts from all walks of life. A short but intense writing was included in the United States Mounted Border Patrol Training Manual and two of my equine courses approved by Harvard University for full CPU credits.

I’ve worked and managed small stables up to Class A Show stables and Breeding stables with over 50 horses. The last decade I’ve focused on Hoofcare, specializing in rehabilitating pathological horses with a 98% success rate.

Four decades ago I trained my first Mustang at the age of 18 and never looked back. Working with horses that have problems as well as those just starting out their journey with humans has delighted and challenged me since.

I look upon horses as individual friends. They have their own language; they have their own social order and rules; they have their own set of instinctual behaviors that need to be more closely and intimately understood by humans. Helping people learn to develop and nurture a partnership with their horses has never failed to please me.

I’d be more than happy to help you with your horse.

You may ask a question here and I’ll do my best to answer as concisely and completely as possible.

Or, you can call me at 239-573-9687 to talk about On Farm Consultations. You may also email to me at: gwen.santagate@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

3 thoughts on “About Gwen

  1. Hello, I have found your pages on Facebook. Recently I have visited 9 other pages covering the same, but yours is best. I will return for sure. Thank you so much for your pages

  2. Cynthia — I am soooooooooo sorry I didn’t see your post until today!

    Please, email to me > caballus@charter.net < and catch me up to date on this guy?

    In the meantime there are two articles that I've written which might help you — simplify! Go to: http://www.thepenzancehorse.com and then click on the link to ARTICLES. One is "Feeding Horses" and the other "Feeding the Natural Horse" … I think you'll find them to be of use to you.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    🙂 — Gwen

  3. cynthia riegle

    I am thoroughly confused about how to get the proper nutrients in to my horse…27/7 hy isn’t an option b/c he is boarded. Merlin is a 8 year old perch, thor. and is recovering from something-4000-still don’ know but is not locking knees well, stiff n hind end, shor strided, and improves wth movement so perhaps after Lyme..which has been treated for 5 rounds doxy and one week iv. he may have become insulant resistent. was on sweeter feed with high oil, since he is predisposed.
    Diet seems to have helpd him. He is on Vita Royal program which is ground flaxmeal2:1 with stailized rice bran top dressed with crude protein 30%, NSC 15% salt 1%, calcium 17 g (when there a % and then mg…confuses the heck out of me! ) phos 15g, magneium 62g, fat 9%, ash 7.4% t. E 3000iuand selenium 4.5mg. Ihave added in canol oil of 1 cup a day and 1 pound 22% empower as an additinal fat source and then 3000 more VT E if there is a espm neurological issue causing all this stiffness and inability to lock joints. he has also had low, depressed attitude with a very sore back. the sore back has subsided a bit. and we have done everything, from chiro, new flocking, growing heal, injecting stifle (never jumped, only light dressage)Is there a simpler way to feed? what should his nutrient levels be?I can suppements when I am there, every other day with alfalfa pellets, but is it ok to give him this intermitentley! Is the rice bran and flaxmeal ok? He gets 6lbsa day with waer and empower and ai and vt E…help-confused but tyin to do the right thing so he will gt better…is happening slowly…ad have started him on long walks up and down hillls to strengthen stifles…thank you!

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