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  1. Dr. Larry G. Martin

    Are you familiar with Nrf2 up regulation of genomic expressions?
    If not I would like to discus this with you. Some researchers believe Nrf2 research will be the biggest discovery in the history of medicine and yes it relates to animals too.
    Dr. Larry G. Martin

    • No, I am not, Dr. Martin. It sounds interesting, however .. but a bit beyond the scope of what PENZANCE has to offer? 😉 Is it something that would be beneficial for the average horse owner and within reach economically if ever needed?

      • Yes it is cost effective at $40.00 a month
        Oxidative stress is a huge area of research in the medical cellular biology and radical cell research, not so much in the animal kingdom. Primarily because this research isn’t getting the crossover from research to the medical providers. OS is every bit a concern in animals and maybe more so. There is a product for dogs that is exceptional at only $25 a month. For larger dogs and horses, I recommend the human product as the results are amazing.
        This company has focused on oxidative stress and have the only product on the market world wide that can up regulate Nrf2 to sustained levels. Human studies show an average of 40% reduction in free radicals in 30 days of use. This is accomplished when Nrf2 is elevated which turns on the genomic expressions from our cellular genes that function to control disease processes (roughly 300 genes).
        There is over 6000 studies on PubMed showing the connection of Nrf2 on a variety of OS triggered diseases. If you would like to see a couple of animals that were videoed before and after, go to YouTube and search Protandim Horse or Protandim Dog, these are prettying telling.
        I have been studying the Nrf2 science for over 5 years and there are others like I that suggest this science will be recognized as the single greatest medical discovery in decades.
        Below is my website where you can review a number of research studies.
        Thank you for your interest.

        • Thank you for this information, Larry! I will be looking into it for sure. 🙂 Its always good to find something positive to help horses and other critters.

        • Wow .. is the Zamaro video for real? if so — do you have samples of this Protandim? I have a horse who I would be willing to “use” as a guinea pig .. he’s had a very rough last 3 years. If this helps him, it would be a ‘miracle’.

          • It is for real, I would suggest ordering a bottle from my site, you are very likely to see results within the first 30 days. The house in th video was only given three days worth when the second portion of the video was recorded.
            The interesting results come from this Nrf2 up regulation these products provide. The genomic expressions that are up regulated help in controlling inflammation which cause humans and animals so much pain. The interesting aspect in animals, they become very happy critters when their pain is reduced even a little.
            Researchers are contributing up regulation of Nrf2 as a viable system that can protect the cells from disease, reduce symptoms of OS related pathologies and may even cure OS diseases. Please note it isn’t the Protandim that does this, but rather the cellular function once Nrf2 is up regulated, Protandim only increases Nrf2….’only’ seems like a very small word compaired with what we are seeing in this product.
            Loki on my site for the area to order(
            You can contact me with any questions at

  2. I have a horse with a sarcoid. Any suggestions?

    • There is a group on Facebook that has a tremendous amt. of info on TURMERIC for sarcoids. Look for “Turmeric User Group” … they have about 37K members and tons of files. Amazing info there. That would be an herbal remedy to use. Homeopathically, “Thuja” is the go-to for sarcoids. You can give the remedy by mouth as well as get a topical cream with Thuja in it. And, allopathically, the original Crest Toothpaste has been successful as a topical application, too. 🙂

  3. Hi Gwen, here I am looking at your website and am from Jenny Pearce s From Your Horses Heart course and online forum, where you recently introduced yourself. Thought I would drop in and have a look around. Great website!
    Yours In Friendship,

  4. G’day Gwenyth, I had to chase you down to let you known that you won my Facebook competition. I know how often I miss entries on my personal Facebook page. And of course I can’t tag you or message you from my business Facebook page – that’s a downside to it. 🙂
    Judging from what you do here, I suspect that some of what I was offering for the competition prize, you already do with great competence. Maybe you would enjoy a seat lesson for yourself, in the form of the new Fast Track to brilliant riding course? Or maybe we could chat and figure out what form the prize could take, on the spot. Anyway, have a think and let me know!

    • Too funny, Jenny! I bought your book when it first came out! *LOL* Looking back at the contest I guess that’s what I won, eh? *GRIN* I’ll email you privately. Thanks for scouting me out — my email address is and I’m on FB … Gwenyth Santagate or PENZANCE HORSEMANSHIP

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