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August 2012:   I will begin to take questions and post answers here for sharing with the Equine community as a whole. Shortly I’ll post some recent private questions I’ve gotten and readers will be able to read my answers. POLITE discussion is not only welcome but encouraged. Disagreements are allowed but must be respectful. There’s something to learn from everyone. 🙂

8-6-2012:  A Correcting Crop
8-6-2012:  What is the best Hoof Supplement?
8-7-2012:  What are Distal Spots? 
8-10-2012:  Riding Bareback
8-14-2012: Dominance Behavior at Feeding Time
8-15-2012: Am I Too Heavy for My Horse? 
8-16-2012:  17 yo with Laminitis
8-18-2012: Itchy Horse Losing Coat
8-22-2012: Colicky Horse
8-24-2012: Re-entering the Horse world
8-25-2012: Flying Changes
8-28-2012: Disconnect
8-29-2012: Ulcers
8-31-2012:  Bucking & Rearing
9-4-2012: Why is My Horse So Spooky?
9-25-2012: My Horse Doesn’t Tie! 
10-2-2012: Abscesses
10-3-2012:  Rearing Pony! 

7 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. You can give the Ledum within 1/2 hour after the vaccinations. I would also give THUJA 1m … probably two doses in one day (am and pm) to counteract vaccinosis. 🙂 Just one day only, tho. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering what you reccomend for instructions to administered Ledum 1M. I have found several different recommdations. Some say to administer 3-4 days 3 times a day others say administer the same as you would a dog. Thank you for any info

    • oh I am treating clydesdales!!

      • Good Morning and Merry Christmas! The protocol we use here is always LEDUM 1m – dose 3 times a day for 3 days. Repeat if needed in 5 – 7 days, weeks or even 3 months. 🙂

        • thank you, this is my first time having a horse with lymes, I have noticed the horse I have only shows signs of the lymes after vaccinations, which is understandable because of how lymes affects the system. have you ever given the ledum right before vaccinations? if so did it help? Some people have said to give an immune booster before vaccinations but I did see an improvement after the ledum treatment. was not sure what is best to give before vaccinations. what is your opinion?
          happy new year!!

          oh what do you think about giving the dog lymes vaccination to horses?

  3. Hi,
    just wondering if people really get their horses to eat turmeric?

    • Yep. they do. 😀 Mine do and I know others, many others, who, for one reason or another feed turmeric to their guys. 😀

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