Does YOUR HORSE Get Enough?



How many times have you read or heard the recommendation to take the horse off grass? Don’t feed him ANY carrots or apples or other vegetables and fruits because they’re “high on the glycemic index” and can cause or worsen EMS and IR? Recommendation to feed this “No Sugar/Low Carb” commercial feed or that. Soak the hay before feeding to leech out the sugars. Feed this commercial supplement or administer that chemical pharmaceutical?

Now I’m not at all telling you to ignore what you are being advised by your own veterinarian or equine nutritionist but what I AM asking you to do is to THINK … with some common sense and discernment. THINK about the NATURAL horse – its nutritional needs, its lifestyle, its natural habitat and behaviors. Everything a horse does affects him as a “WHOLE”. And, the horse has not changed in its biological or anatomical/physiological make up as long as he’s been on the earth.

CHLOROPHYLL helps the body to detox, balances the acidity in the body and boosts the immune system.
CHLOROPHYLL boosts the horse’s ENERGY.
CHLOROPHYLL helps the horse’s system fight off disease.
CHLOROPHYLL stimulates a horse’s body tissue in the healing process.
CHLOROPHYLL-rich foods can help to provide your horse with the nutrition it needs to aid in digestion.
CHLOROPHYLL helps keep your horse’s system clean and healthy.

Now, I’ll ask again … .Does your horse get ENOUGH CHLOROPHYLL?

If you’re answer is “NO” then scoot over here: or and fill out an inquiry to ask HOW you CAN get more CHLOROPHYLL into your horse’s diet!

Do it for your horse. 😀