“It is possible to suppress illness with homeopathic remedies, just as it is with conventional drugs, and push it in to a deeper level. It is also possible to palliate (that is, lessen the severity of) the symptoms without actually instituting healing but without necessarily pushing the disease deeper. Obviously healing is what is wanted and for this the correct remedy is necessary. However, even the correct remedy may not work to best effect if the patient is affected by strong environmental factors such as powerful chemicals from, for example, new carpets or flea treatment, or geopathic stress; or if it has a major imbalance in trace elements/minerals; or if its diet is poor in other ways, or if it is being given other medicines at the same time as the homoeopathic remedy. This includes most alternative and complementary modalities and even some dietary supplements.”

Information from:  http://www.irishwolfhounds.org/homeopathy.htm