Itchy Horse Losing Coat


Hey Gwen what do you use for a Natural antihistamine? Ive got a horse itching the heck out of herself. Its not pinworms but her ears, mane and top of her dock all the way down are rubbed hair free.. Been on phone with the vet about other meds..


Hey Cheri! Personally, I feel one has to look at the whole horse and not just the current issue meaning … its being studied that skin issues have a direct correlation to systemic yeast and leaky gut. So while one can treat the skin issues unless the systemic is not treated then one is merely suppressing the symptoms. I would take the horse off ALL processed feed, start to feed fresh ‘salads’ once a day with herbs that fight yeast (candidiasis) as well as natural antihistamines ( broadleaf plantain is one — feed a few fresh leaves daily and make a tea with a handful of fresh leaves to rinse down the skin), I’d add chia or flax to the salads along with dried, unsweetened coconut. A green tea bath may help as well.

Meant to add, too, that the ‘salad’ (and it doesn’t have to be a huge salad — just a quart or so of mixed … see > ARTICLES > “Feeding Horses” for the base diet … and only once a day. Whenever. This along with good quality hay and free choice celtic or himilayan salt (salt plus 88 essential minerals that one doesn’t find in the commercial molasses block. Molasses feeds yeast!) and fresh water is all that a horse at maintenance should need. 🙂