Boogey Men That Lie in Wait.

It is intriguing to me that many of the ‘problems’ that people have with their horses are really insights to the owners’ own hearts.  Horses truly are the mirrors of…

A Look at Vaccines

This from Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM.  — while it pertains primarily to small animals the same can be concluded for horses: —————————————————————— ———————————— The truth about pet vaccines? ———————————— Does…

Homeopathic Treatment for Acute Laminitis

This is the 2nd most common time of the year for many horses and ponies to ‘go laminitic’. While there are many causes for laminitis the major one seems to…

“Doing” Natural …

…we loose connections with the horse. The horse becomes an ‘object of utility’ in our left brain rather than a ‘partner’ in our right brain. Horses are right hemisphere thinkers with no agendas. They simply exist to ‘be’.

Quick Tip: To Ride or Not to Ride?

Wise advice from a wise veterinarian in SW Florida —


Any discipline of riding, be it dressage, western pleasure, equitation or trail riding requires that the horse be calm, forward and straight.

Left vs Right Brain Connections Between Horse and Human

A connect of CONTROL? Or, a true connection between hearts and minds of two living beings … horse and human?


OK .. Question for you — If you had ONE piece of advice or information that you wished you had learned right off the bat BEFORE getting into horses, what…

It’s Not About the Horse

It’s not about the horse, Folks — it’s about understanding the Equine thinking, behavior, language and fitting in with their world instead of trying to fit them into the human world.

Teaching Horses

This clip explains and exhibits a bit of how I work with horses of all ages, breeds, types, sizes and temperaments.

Working with Aggressive Horse

Horses turn aggressive at the hands of man – aggressive hands. When a horse gets pushed too far he begins to by-pass his natural inclination to flight and goes right into fight – thus, labeled ‘aggressive’. The NATURAL BEHAVIOR of horses is based on their …

Adding “Natural” into your Horse’s Diet

The ingredients in the bucket don’t LOOK like the traditional feed for a horse … you know, that pelleted concentrated grains or the sweet feed.

It’s not.


I am pleased to be able to offer you my experience in the expert capacity of Hoofcare and Pathologies, Training Horses, Horse Husbandry and more.

* Hoofcare – “difficult’ rehabilitation and remediation. I will work with you, your vet and your farrier. Laminitis, White line Disease, Unnamed gait and performance issues, Founder, Thrush and more.